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Logos are intended to be the "face" of a company. And an outstanding logo design can invite tons of your prospects to come and connect with your business. Our creative logo designers have been designing unique and custom logos that last forever.

Business Card

As business cards are part of an introduction, they are important for making a favorable first impression. An attractive, eye-catching business card with all the relevant contact information can capture the attention of your prospect and help you remain in their memory well after your initial meeting.

business card


A letterhead is one of the most important printing collaterals in any business. More than just a means of correspondence, it is also a physical representation of your company. It can say a great deal about your brand image and is an essential part of your Company’s sales and marketing communications strategy.

Company Presentation

Good presentations leave the audience with new information that’s often enlightening and eye-opening. Our slides tell your story in a memorable and persuasive way, both visually stunning and clear and concise, our custom PowerPoint designed slides impress. From new client pitches, to training decks, to conference keynotes, engage your audience with an impressive, professionally designed presentation.

company presentation
product brochure

Product Brochure

Marketing brochures are among the most versatile tools you can use to inform customers of your products or services. And we think that brochure designing is not just about creativity and innovation, but also of skillfulness. Hence we offer the most appropriate designs in various cuts & folds and in the most appropriate themes, to deliver your business message in the most efficient manner.


  • mill

    Millennia Media

    I have been working with this company since they started and I am more than pleased with their performance. They constantly go out their way to work to a fantastically high standard. They are dedicated and consistent. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to other business owners.

  • matrubhumi

    Matrubhumi Organics

    We are very happy to be associated with F3 Group. Their team was very co-operative and helped me in achieving my targets. They gave me what they promised for. Moreover, I am satisfied with the quality of service they gave me.


We follow a strategic approach any brilliant idea.
- Understand: We listen to your idea and contemplate over it. We study your competitors while focusing on your customers.
- Align: We align our values and vision with your idea and organization.
- Strategize: We design the strategy for execution.
We work on all modes face-to-face as well as remote. Our brilliant communication and deep understanding helps us to assist both type of customers.
However, the interesting fact is most of our customers are remote customers.
Our approach to understand remote customers is no different than face-to-face customers. Only difference is the mode of communication, which instead of being physical happens using best online communication tools.

We share our work with both types of customers over Internet only, so it doesn’t make any difference what your location is. As far as you have internet, we are connected.
We create and share beta level work with our customers using emails and various sharing tools. It is our commitment to our customers to keep them constantly updated and excited with the regular progress updates.
Your excitement and WOW is what we aim for.
For us the size of the company doesn’t matter but the goal and vision of the company does. We choose our customers wisely after exhaustive alignment session to see how much value we can bring to the table.
Coming to our experience of working, we have been able to add value to companies from different sectors, from Services Companies to Manufacturing Companies.
All our projects are completely bespoke, so it is difficult to give exact figures. At the moment we work with companies who have budgets ranging from a few hundred dollars per month to a few thousand.
Rather than having a minimum amount, we adjust our strategies, volume of work and timescales based on the available budget.

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