In today’s dynamic business environment, the most important emphasis has been laid on Human Resource and it has been proven and accepted that managing Human Resource is the most important function of any business who is continuously eyeing on growth. Keeping that in mind at F3, we aim to bring back the power to the people. At F3, we focus on empowering businesses with powerful tools to not only manage their Human Resource but while doing so, adding value & making them more efficient and effective.

STOIC HRMS is state of the art solution, which not only engages employees on day to day basis but increases their effectivity drastically all the while keeping them motivated. Some of the exciting features are listed below.


STOIC-HRMS aims at simplifying your hiring process which can be either recruiting fresh talent or replacing the old jargons. It helps you to handle the entire flow starting from requisition, collecting cv’s, shortlisting suitable candidates through interactive search, organizing interviews and finally selecting the right candidate.


STOIC-HRMS helps to effectively manage all the employees with this module. Here, you can create and manage contracts of employees. Apart from that you can choose to active, terminate or put an employee’s status on hold easily using Onboarding.

Employee Self Service

This module is a convenient way to gather and store all information pertaining to an individual employee starting from his education, family, references, work experience, identification, bank details and etc. The same information can be made available to the team leaders/managers at single click of the button 24/7.


With the help of leave module, an employee can be availed to various types of leaves which organization provides as per their policy. An employee can further monitor, apply and check his leave status and balance instantly.


The entire process is made simple, transparent and effective. Easily allowing employees to plan, apply and manage their travel and its expenses. This module tracks every transaction and handles claim after travel in efficient fashion. With the help of STOIC-HRMS you can manage Pre-Travel requisites and also easily extend On-going travel.


STOIC-HRMS seamlessly integrates the HR and Accounts department of personnel when it comes to the most important function of HR which is generation of payroll. It guides you step by step at each stage of this process like preparing, verifying and validating the payroll figures and getting it approved before finally releasing it. Other benefits such as generation of payslip and sharing it with employees happens easily through the system.


STOIC-HRMS helps you to create unlimited company policies for individuals and departments. This is then powered by smooth approval system and providing quick access to any policy document to any or respective employee with one click of a button.


STOIC-HRMS reduces the burden on both HR manager and employees, when it comes resignation. It eases the process from approval of a resignation to handling exit interview and employment termination. Followed by issuance of relieving and experience letter through the system itself.


Managing internal queries and problems of an employee at organization are always challenging. As it is a day to day process and addressing the right issue to the right person as per the structure is important. All these challenges are easily addressed using STOIC-HRMS. You can automate the complete cycle from raising a complaint or query and then assign it to the right person to look/solve/action and track, till it gets closed.


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